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Onyx Coffee Lab, Nordic Matcha Set

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Elevate your matcha experience with this Nordic Matcha Set, featuring a custom-designed Onyx matcha bowl, ceremonial Uji Matcha tin, and all the tools you need to whisk up a delicious matcha drink. This set includes the following:
  • The Bowl: This is an Onyx-designed custom matcha bowl handmade by our friends at MK Studio in Denmark. Each one-of-a-kind bowl is made with white porcelain, marked with the Onyx Tea skull on one side and the Onyx Tea mark on the opposite side with a tapered spout. The bowl is finished with a beautiful mixed wave color pattern of pink, grey and natural white hues. Each piece will vary in its exact coloring. Please hand wash with care.
  • The Scoop: This chashaku "tea scoop" is designed per chanoyu "tea ceremony" standards at 18 centimeters long with a 50º curve, and a flat tip for perfect scoops of matcha powder. Tip: Use 2 scoops per matcha drink.
  • The Sifter: Portion your matcha into the Sifter above the bowl, scraping the powder through the mesh sieve with the back of the flat tip of the Scoop to ensure the matcha powder is finely separated and primed for whisking.
  • The Whisk: An 80-tine Japanese Chasen "tea whisk" for preparing matcha. Swish in a "W" pattern just above the floor of the bowl to create your desired level of foam. Tip: Rinse and soften bristles in hot water before whisking. Dry completely before storage.
  • The Matcha: A 50g tin of ceremonial grade Uji Matcha powder from Wazuka village.

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