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Onyx Tea - Uji Matcha Tea - 50g - Ceremonial Grade

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  • 50 GRAMS OF UJI MATCHA TEA POWDER, CEREMONIAL GRADE. This Uji Matcha Tea is a one-of-a-kind ceremonial grade delicacy from Japan. "This exceptional matcha powder comes from a small women-led farm in Wazuka village, Uji region. Uji is highly renowned for its excellence in matcha production, and this matcha is the culmination of two fantastic cultivars. It balances the nutty sweetness in the late budding Okumidori with the umami flavor from Yabukita. Enjoy this very approachable, smooth matcha with enlivening notes of almond, mild citrus, and lingering sweetness." 50 Grams of Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea Powder. Matcha pairs well with maple syrup, agave or honey. Check out the Onyx Nordic Matcha Set.


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    • Rare & unique tea. High-quality tea from all around the world
    • Distinct flavor profiles
    • Matcha Tea
    • Variety: Wazuka (Uji), Kyoto, Japan
    • Process: Shaded 21 days, Processed to tencha, Stone milled
    • Elevation: 400 Meters/~1312 Ft
    • Cup: Almond, Pomelo, White Sugar, Brisk Freshness, Abundant Umami
  • Onyx Coffee & Tea is based in Arkansas, USA. 

    "Hori Tea Farm, Wazuka Village
    Not only is this farm women-led, but their leadership has spanned at least three generations of great matcha producers. Shade-growing boosts the chlorophyll production in the tea leaves, giving them a rich green color. It is a labor-intensive process to protect the tea bushes from the sun in a very controlled manner. Only the newest spring buds and three leaves of the shade grown tea plants are harvested. The leaves are briefly steamed within hours of plucking to halt the oxidation process and preserve the vivid green color. The steaming process also creates a uniquely sweet and vegetal flavor profile. After further intensive processing, tencha, the finished dried leaves, are then stone ground into fine powder at a rate of 40 grams per hour. Hori matcha is used by the Urasenke tea school.

    Matcha Powder
    All matcha is made from high-grade, shade-grown green tea leaves that are ultimately ground into powdered form. The resulting tea powder is traditionally whisked into hot water, instead of steeped, to form a frothy drink. Because the window for production is quite limited and production so labor-intensive, matcha tends to be a more expensive tea. The act of preparing, presenting, and sipping matcha is part of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony called "chanoyu." Generally speaking, matcha created for the purpose of this traditional tea ceremony is the distinction for “ceremonial grade”, versus matcha used in culinary practices. There is no official governing body at this time that regulates this term.

    Matcha Recipe
    Step 1. Dose 2g of matcha into sifter
    Step 2. Use scoop to press matcha through sifter until all the matcha has been sifted.
    Step 3. Add 40g of water (170°F)
    Step 4. Whisk until foamy. Use “M” or “W” motions when whisking for optimal incorporation
    Step 5. Add 60g of water (170°F) - 100g total water
    Step 6. Serve and enjoy
    Equipment needed: Kettle, Bowl, Sifter, Whisk, Scoop, Scale
    Tip: When using a wooden whisk, soak it in warm water for 2 minutes before each use to preserve it’s form and shape.

    Matcha Latte (Shot) - Recipe to make concentration for Matcha Lattes
    Step 1. Dose 2.5g of matcha into sifter
    Step 2. Use scoop to press matcha through sifter until all the matcha has been sifted into the bowl.
    Step 3. Add 50g of water (170°F)
    Step 4. Whisk until foamy. Use “M” or “W” motions when whisking for optimal incorporation.
    Step 5. Transfer into cup (add sweetener if desired) and top with 10oz of steamed milk
    Step 6. Serve and enjoy."

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