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Onyx Rose Tea, 20 grams

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  • 20 GRAMS OF WHOLE DIRED ROSE BUDS. Rich with botanical constituents, this tisane (“herbal”) tea is made of whole dried buds of the heirloom rose flower grown in Pingyin county, Shandong, China. The bulbs offer layers of refreshing sweetness, producing a pale pink tea with high floral fragrance. Steep multiple times in a gongfu tea session to bring out a lovely depth of flavor. Naturally, this tea does not contain any caffeine.

    ORIGIN: Pingyin, Shandong, China
    PROCESS: Hand-Plucked, Sun-dried
    ELEVATION: 200 Meters
    CUP: Red Flowers, Rosé, Sweet


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    • This tea does not contain any caffeine! Rose Tea is known to reduce Anxiety, Improve Digestion, and is also high in Vitamin C. Rose Tea has also been known to reduce overall inflammation, it also contains antimicrobial properties.
    • Rose Tea has been known to have a natural sedative effect and is a great drink for relaxation before bed.
    • This tea contains polyphenols which have been known help reduce the risk of cognitive diseases, diabetes, obesity, and more
    • Rose Tea goes grreat with lemon, sugar, milk, honey or other various infusions.
  • Story & Recipe

    Pingyin has a long history of cultivation for their native rose flower, well known for high quality, large petals, pigmented coloring and rich fragrance. The fully hydrated flowers are 5 to 6 times larger than the final dried bulbs. These flowers are grown and produced on Huang mountain and plucked in late summer, once the roses are in full bloom and have fully developed their flavor and aroma from the high mountain sun exposure. The whole dried rose buds are rich with botanical constituents like geraniol (the compound for rose aromatics), making them prime for thorough infusion. This tisane is naturally caffeine free.

    Tisane is the French word for herb, and it is commonly used to describe herbal teas. Herbal teas are infusions made from steeped flowers, herbs and other plant materials. Most tisanes do not contain caffeine; although a few do, such as yerba mate. A true tea must be prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant, then processed for a resulting white, yellow, green, oolong, or black tea.

    Hot (12oz)
    Tea: 5g
    Water: 350g
    Water Temp: 200°F
    Total Brew Time: 5 mins

    Signature Beverage: Rose Water Matcha
    Tea: Matcha shot - 2.5g matcha, 70g total water (170°F) - 40g water, whisk til foamy, add remaining 30g of water
    Raw Sugar Simple Syrup: 20g
    Rose Water: 227g
    • Fill cup half way with ice
    • Add Rose Water
    • Add Simple Syrup
    • Add Matcha Shot
    • Stir - 3 quick stirs to incorporate syrup

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