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Spaceman Knives Partnership - Luxio

Spaceman Knives Partnership

Spaceman Knives & Luxio™️ Partnership Announcement is proud to announce our partnership with Spaceman Knives! They are a fantastic knife company. You can now order 40+ various Spaceman knife models on! Available knifes include: Nakiri's, Kiritsuke’s, Cleavers, Paring Knifes, Knife sets (& blocks), deboning knifes, Brisket Slicers, and more!

Spaceman Knives Kiritsuke

Spaceman Knives: Founded in 2020 with a passion for knives! Extremely high-quality knives, made of Damascus steel with unique, space-like handles made of various high-quality wood/epoxy. 

Next, let's highlight the Triton Series from Spaceman Knives: Crafted with the utmost care, featuring cutting-edge materials.

Triton Series Boning Knife

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