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Join Our Email List for 10% Off Your First Order!


  • What is Luxio?
    • Luxio is online retail store that was founded in 2018. We are based in STL, Missouri.
  • What does Luxio mean?
    • Luxio stands for luxury, innovation, and opportunity. We stand for creating opportunities for customers & employees alike, while bringing the world more luxurious & innovative products.
  • What is the goal of Luxio?
    • Luxio's mission is to make the USA known for luxury, by bringing luxurious products from all over the globe.
  • What brands does Luxio offer?
  • How long does shipping take? Is it free?
    • We offer Free Shipping for USA orders.
    • Does Luxio offer wholesale for your kitchen business?
      • Want to purchase our goods at wholesale pricing? Click HERE to submit an application!
      • Have a problem with the website or order?
        • Email with your issue!
        • Is BBB Accredited? 
          • Yes! Luxio recieved BBB Accreditation on 4/6/2022 with an A- rating. BBB awards Accreditation to companies who honor the following: Transparency, honesty, and responsiveness. BBB also looks for companies that safeguard privacy & embody integrity.