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Extractions are premium coffee concentrates that provide specialty coffee in an infallible, shelf-stable, ready-to-use liquid form, creating a new intersection of convenience and quality in the specialty coffee industry. Extractions is the first specialty grade premium coffee extract that shows true flavor profiles and showcases the terroir of different producers and farms from around the globe.

To make a hot coffee, shake the bottle then combine 1oz of Extractions with 6-8oz of hot water. We recommend a temperature of ~205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Onyx Coffee Lab roasts coffee using Solar Energy.

Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1850

Cup: Milk Chocolate, Plum, Candied Walnuts, Juicy & Citrus Finish

Flavor Profile: Semi Modern

No Equipment, No Problem

Suddenly creating cafe quality drinks at home is a convenient possibility that requires no equipment. Extractions open the doors to a world of creativity in drink building. This product embodies our commitment to quality coffee, innovation, and bringing the Onyx Coffee Lab experience to more consumers. With Extractions, we're not just offering a convenient coffee solution — we're offering the full journey of flavor that people have come to expect from Onyx coffee.

The First Coffee Concentrate of its Kind.

This perfectly extracted concentrate is capable of highlighting the diversity and complexity of a range of coffee flavors.

Premium Quality Meets Extreme Convenience.

Extractions offer an accessible and convenient form of specialty coffee that maintains quality and clarity.

Shelf Stable and Ready to Use.

Extractions are shelf stable concentrates with a 12% TDS, perfect for making a cup of coffee or for use as an espresso substitute in lattes or cocktails.

Unlocking the Potential of Coffee as an Ingredient.

We’ve done all the work to ensure perfect extraction, so you’ve got a perfectly consistent coffee ingredient at your fingertips.

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