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Ground Shark Coffee, Guatemala, 10 Ounce

by Luxio
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  • Offered in 10 Ounce bags, either Pre-Ground or Whole Bean. Whole Bean has a much longer shelf life compared to Pre-Ground.
  • FULL-BODIED FLAVOR: A nice light roast: A smooth chocolatey cup with hints of orange and caramel create a comforting, delicious cup of coffee
  • PREMIUM SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE A single-origin Guatemalan coffee that’s hand-roasted to perfection in Denver, CO.
  • CRAFT DELICIOUSNESS Our hand-crafted process ensures that the flavor of the coffee is enhanced with every step of its life.
  • PROCESSED WITH LOVE Coffee has delicate flavors that are only present when the coffee is grown, processed, and roasted with love and dedication to the bean. We never compromise and only ever buy the best.
  • This Guatemalan coffee is our flagship single origin - we rotate between a few farms and a few beans to bring you subtle nuanced changes in the taste profile. But you can always count on a balanced, delicious cup of coffee. This coffee truly shines as an espresso, but does well in every brewing method. Currently sourced from the Union Cantanil Co-Op and farm direct from El Regalito. Boasting a cup profile of Chocolate, Black Cherry, Caramel, Concord grape, and Grannysmith Apple.
  • Origin Notes: Huehuetenango, Guatemala Union Cantanil Co-Op, El Regalito Farm
  • Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Black Cherry, Almond, Grannysmith Apple, Concord Grape