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The Pour-Over Kettle has a beautifully functional design that kicks your brewing up a notch. Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with the precision pour spout and keep track of temperature brews with a built-in brew-range thermometer. The counterbalanced handle moves the center of mass back towards your hand so you can pour at an even and slow pace, the Barista technique for perfecting the bloom and an even extraction when it comes to pour over coffee brews.


  • Warms up water super fast.
  • Sleek and sexy aesthetic to compliment your beautiful kitchen.
  • Controlled pour rate thanks to the weighted handle that shifts the mass of the kettle back: this also allows you to pour more eloquently. 
  • Precision gooseneck pour spout design for optimum flow rate.
  • Brew range thermometer on the lid lets you know when you've hit the optimal brew temperature so you can master all those brews.

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