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  • 10 or 100 Sachets of Lavender Chamomile Rooibos: This herbal blend features French Lavender flowers and Egyptian Chamomile flowers blended with Rooibos grown in the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa, a world heritage site recognized for its special plant diversity and density. The cup is floral, sweet and comforting. It is naturally caffeine free.

    ORIGIN: Cape Floristic Region, South Africa
    PROCESS: Sorted, Cut, Oxidized
    ELEVATION: 450 Meters
    CUP NOTES: Floral, Apple, Honey, Silky

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    • CONTENTS: 10 or 100 Sachets, easy to brew
  • Story

    We are enjoying the exploration of floral tisanes, and this unique blend is a celebration bouquet featuring French Lavender flowers and organic Egyptian Chamomile flowers.

    Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free tisane that is grown exclusively in South Africa, one of the 6 Floral Kingdoms. The southernmost tip of South Africa contains the only floristic region of the Cape. This “Cape Floristic Region”, as it is known, has been recognized as one of the most special places for plants in the world and is a World Heritage Site due to the plant diversity, density and number of endemic species.

    Tisane is the French word for herb, and it is commonly used to describe herbal teas. Herbal teas are infusions made from steeped flowers, herbs and other plant materials. Naturally, most tisanes do not contain caffeine; although a few do, such as yaupon and yerba mate. A true tea must be prepared from the Camellia sinensis plant, then processed for a resulting white, yellow, green, oolong, or black tea.

    Hot (8oz)
    Tea: 3g (1 sachet)
    Water: 8oz
    Water Temp: 205°F
    Total Brew Time: 5-8 min

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