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NUTR Machine Automatic Nut Milk Maker, Homemade Almond, Oat, Coconut, Soy, or Plant Based Milks and Non Dairy Beverages, Boil and Blend Single Servings, Stainless Steel, Self-Cleaning, White

Color: White


by Nutr
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1 839 kr
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  • Introducing Nutr Machines! Make your own plant-based milk in minutes. A fresh glass of plant-based milk can be as simple as nuts and water and made in a matter of minutes. It really is that easy, and it helps the environment! 

    When you’re looking for a plant-based milk maker for your kitchen, Nutr lets you make your own in minutes! Why waste money at a grocery store when you can make your own tasty milk beverages? Our nut milk maker is perfect for a variety of drinks—including nut and plant-based milk(s), coffee creamers, hot drinks, smoothies, and more! 

    If you’re looking to create a more sustainable planet for the future, let our nut milk maker support your mission! Nutr will plant a tree for each one of our machines sold.

    Make homemade plant-based and nut milks, in a matter of minutes – with our sleek and compact design for single servings, perfect for your countertop. 

    In just a few easy steps, make fresh nut milk at the push of a button. No more messy nut milk making, no more store-bought plant milks! Eliminate carton waste, and unhealthy preservatives and additives commonly found in brand-name products.

    Nutr partners with One Tree Planted, promising a tree planted for each Nutr Machine sold.

    When you’re looking for a healthy, planet-friendly alternative to traditional dairy or store-bought milks, the Nutr Machine is the answer you’ve been looking for. Designed to work with a variety of ingredients, our plant-based milk machine creates a tasty, nutritious nut milk everyone at home will love!

    The Nutr Machine makes a variety of dairy free milks in mere minutes – such as almond, oat, cashew, walnut, soy, coconut, rice, flax, peanut & more! A perfect solution for quickly making hot and cold milk-based beverages, creamers, smoothies and beyond. See below for details on our patent-pending features and how the machine works!

    Why Nutr

    • Powerful blades for better tasting & creamier nut milk
    • Versatile uses for nut & plant-based milks, plus smoothies and food recipes!
    • 3 heat & blend settings (room temp, warm & hot)
    • Compact for your counter to make a fresh, single serving of milk
    • A more sustainable option by ditching the emissions-heavy dairy industry and store-bought milk cartons.
    • Living healthy made easy, know exactly what your nut milk contains!

    Capacity: 350mL suitable to enjoy a cup of fresh nut milk, and easy to carry when traveling. It makes 8-13 oz of beverage.

    Voltage: 110V / 60 Hz power. If used outside the US, a power converter or step-down transformer is needed.

    Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.2 inches; 3 Pounds.
    Package Dimensions: 14.25" x 11" x 5", 4.425 Pounds

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    • 3 easy steps, and at the push of a button you will have homemade nut milk.
    • Not so fun fact: 136 cartons are tossed or recycled every year for each 4-person household on average! Making your own milk will help the planet.
    • LIVING HEALTHY MADE EASY: Take back control of the ingredient label, know exactly what your milk contains!
    • MORE SUSTAINABLE: Fight climate change on an everyday level – ditch the emissions-heavy dairy industry and its milk cartons.
    • By partnering with One Tree Planted, Nutr promises a tree will be planted with each and every purchase of our machine.
  • "We’re Alicia and Dane, Nutr co-founders and partners based in Columbus, Ohio. We’ve always believed that being environmentally conscious is a way of life.

    As partners and expectant parents, accountability for the world our child will grow up in hits home. From day-to-day consumer choices and larger lifestyle decisions, we came up with a plan to do our part and find a way to be more active participants in a sustainable solution.

    We became aware and informed of the benefits of living a sustainable lifestyle by watching the movie, A Life on Our Planet, by David Attenborough. We realized the negative environmental impacts and how much waste accumulates from the dairy industry, not to mention the cruelty and health implications. Having enjoyed plant-based milk generally, we decided to dig in a bit further.

    When diving into the best plant-based milk alternatives, Dane and Alicia started looking more closely at ingredient labels. They were shocked to see what felt like false advertising, and all the additives and preservatives loaded in almost all options at the store.

    Alicia, a Chinese immigrant, was privy to growing up on homemade nut milk made by her mother. She knew it was time-intensive and messy, and as a working mom, this would be challenging to make each week. Conducting research and discovering people were still making plant-based milk at home with blenders and nut milking bags – she had an ‘aha’ moment. What if there was an easy solution to avoid this painstaking process?

    With a strong business background and keen palette for quality nut milk, Alicia alongside her husband Dane with engineering acumen, thoughtfully created their signature product – the Nutr Machine. Not only is this patent-pending technology powerful and versatile to make fresh plant-based milk at the touch of a button – Nutr keeps eco-friendly practices and ethos at the forefront as they build out their business."