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Welcome to

Welcome to!

We offer the highest quality kitchen and home products on the market. Some of our top lines include: Cuisinart, OXO, Hario, Yama, and much more. Below is an example of few Hario products working together in a sleek fashion. The V60 dripper design by Hario is great way to make coffee. Hario hand grinders such as the Mini slim plus shown below make it efficient and simple to hand grind your own beans at home for fresher coffee.

Hario V60 Pourover with Stand and Kettle

Another great brand we offer is Cuisinart, which is one of the top lines in the kitchen world. Featured below is the Silver 14 Cup Food Processor with a silver coffee maker, pots/pans, and knife set, all made by Cuisinart. Each product by Cuisinart is built to last in the kitchen. 

Cuisinart blender Silver in Kitchen

Luxio offers a variety of coffee machines, grinders, filters, syphons, kettles and more. Featured below are some of the luxury coffee products we offer:

Hario V60 white pourover with filter size 02
Hario Copper Kettle Pourover Filter

Also if you're a business, check out our B2B page and submit an application to get bulk pricing for your business on every product on our website! Grow your business today with our fast and affordable pricing!

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Have your own brand you want to sell on our website and our other channels? Submit the B2B form with your inquiry today to begin growing your brand!

Contact us for any kitchen related inquiry you may have!

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