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Luxio's 2021 Kitchen Gift Guide - Luxio

Luxio's 2021 Kitchen Gift Guide

Are you shopping for a foodie in your family this year? When it comes to cooking, it can be difficult to turn up good gift ideas. 

Most holiday gifts are geared towards people who enjoy cooking or baking occasionally; however, there may not be many options for the kitchen enthusiast.

If you're shopping for someone who is passionate about their culinary skills and takes great pride in their cooking abilities, then this list of ten items will help you out. Each of these kitchen essentials are great for those who love cooking - and are sure to please any foodie on your list.

1. For The New Chef In The Family

Shopping for someone who has never cooked before? A gift basket with a book, kitchen utensils, and ingredients for their first recipe is a great gift idea. Here are some options for what to include in that first basket:

  • A new apron. Outfit them for cooking with their first apron and include some oven mitts and pot holders to go along with it.
  • An a la carte cookbook featuring all of your favorite recipes. This not only gives the recipient something to refer to when they first start cooking but it has the added benefit of teaching them how to make some of your family's favorite dishes.
  • A couple of basic kitchen tools like a wooden spoon and rubber spatula. Be sure to include some basic ingredients as well; like sugar, flour, and salt for baking or garlic, onion, and beef broth for cooking.

2. For The Green Thumbs

Do you know someone who's trying to eat healthier by cooking at home? There are tons of gadgets that make it easier to grow fresh herbs year-round. A few of this year's favorites include:

  • Drying rack for rosemary, sage, and thyme. This is great because you can dry and store your herbs to use year-round.
  • A herb planter. It's a great way to grow fresh basil and other herbs with minimal effort required.
  • A mini greenhouse for tomatoes or pepper plants. These containers help give your fruit, vegetables, and herbs the perfect conditions they need to thrive.
  • A mini greenhouse with grow light. This is a great option for those who want to garden indoors with the help of some artificial light.

3. For The Expert Chef

The best way to up your cooking game and learn new techniques is by practicing and experimenting in the kitchen - and what better way than with new, exciting cookbooks. These are some of the top recommendations for anyone who loves cooking:

  • A specialty cookbook with recipes that you've never tried before. Think grilling and smoking techniques, Italian dishes, or anything else that will push your cooking abilities to new heights.
  • The latest edition in a favorite series. Is your favorite foodie an Iron Chef or Chopped fanatic? Then a new cookbook from their favorite show is sure to please.
  • A dutch oven. The Cuisinart Contour Hard Anodized 5-Quart Dutch Oven is great for cooks looking to expand their expertise in the kitchen and try new recipes!

4. For The Entertainer

Even if you're not the best cook, you can still put together a perfect holiday gathering for family and friends with a few essential items. If you're shopping for someone who loves to entertain at home, here are some great gift ideas:

  • A bar cart or cocktail shaker. Not only will this help them throw an amazing party, but it might also encourage them to start making their own cocktails.
  • Stovetop griddle. A stainless steel griddle is great for those who enjoy inviting friends and family over for breakfast!
  • An outdoor kitchen set. Whether they grill year-round or not, this is a great way to upgrade their backyard cooking game.

5. For The Mixologist

Any true foodie loves to travel and eat new things - even if it means having a drink or two along the way. If you're shopping for someone who is constantly looking for local flavors, here are some great gift ideas:

  • A cocktail book. Cocktails are super trendy right now and there are tons of recipes out there. Encourage them to pick up a new book for their home library.
  • A cocktail shaker set. Every true mixologist needs the right tools to make great-tasting drinks; this is one they can't do without.
  • New ingredients for infusions. This is a great way to experiment in the kitchen and make unique cocktails at home.

6. For The Baker

It's always nice to come home after a long day at work to some delicious baked goods. This holiday season, make someone's baking game better with one of these gadgets:

  • An electric mixer. Believe it or not, there are people who still mix all their ingredients by hand; help them speed up the process with this small kitchen appliance.
  • A new bundt cake pan. Bundt cakes are super trendy right now and there are tons of unique pans out there that make it easier to bake your own, like snowflakes or Santa Claus shapes.
  • An apple slicer. If you know someone who loves baking pies, then they'll absolutely love this gift.

7. For The College Student

What's the best thing you can cook in a college dorm room? Easy - anything that only requires one pot! These kitchen items are both small and affordable but will make cooking so much easier:

  • A mini chopper. This little machine is perfect for chopping up herbs, nuts, or even veggies. It's also small enough that they can use it for dorm room cooking.
  • A set of stackable containers. This is perfect if their college has a small refrigerator or they have access to a communal kitchen. These are great because they allow students to store leftovers and take food back to the dorm.
  • Coffee brewing supplies. A coffee mill grinder and a unique brewing system are great gifts to help fuel college students through their studies - without breaking the bank!

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Whether you are buying for a foodie who loves to cook or someone who just enjoys eating, Luxio has the perfect gift ideas.

Our online kitchen catalog features the top products from today's favorite brands - such as Cuisinart, OXO, and many more. This holiday season, we also have everything you need for your home, including the hottest new releases from the top brands.

Browse our kitchen catalog and find the perfect gift for your favorite foodie!

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