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Onyx Coffee mutliple roasts of various colored packaging

Onyx Coffee Partnership Announcement

We'd like to introduce our newest partner in coffee: Onyx Coffee! Based out of Arkansas, USA, this coffee company is especially unique in its coffee offerings. They go out of their way to find the best-tasting coffees around the world! Click on the pictures below to be taken to a product page & try their wonderful coffee. We plan on offering their coffees as long as possible & are very happy to annouce this partnership.

Onyx Coffee Lab has 4 cafes all located in the Northwest, Arkansas that offer an assortment of breakfast items, pastries, and baguette sandwiches made fresh daily by our in-house bakery. Additionally, they have a selection of market and grab-and-go items as well.

They have free meeting space available in our Bentonville Cafe that can be reserved by marking your name in the reservation book either in person or over the phone. Feel free to call the cafe at (479)-715-6492.

They Cater! For small caterings (10-50 People), talk to your friendly barista at your local cafe about what their options look like. For larger caterings, email with your name and a description of your request and they can provide you with larger scale information and selections!

Onyx Coffee Roast

Southern Weather Blend: 

  • Southern Weather embodies everything we love about specialty coffee and has evolved into a foundational blend. We brew this in our own cafes as a “House” filter option and love how it balances the relationship between modern citric acidity flavors with full bodied chocolates. This comfortable, yet surprisingly complex and sophisticated coffee is approachable to all. It performs well on its own for the purist or with fats such as dairy or plant based beverages, making it a true answer for all coffee needs. Southern Weather was the first blend we ever created, and the plan was simple. We wanted something sweet, comfortable, and approachable in a world of polarizing Specialty Coffee. Something anyone would like and would be easy to control during extraction. We sell more of this coffee than anything else, and I think it’s our commitment to keeping the flavor profile intact. Sweet caramelized sugars, round full body, and a bright, citrusy finish that leaves a clean, refreshing aftertaste. It pairs with any meal and works well with dairy and non-dairy milk. For us, Southern Weather embodies the excellent relationships between a citric acidity, balance, and wonderful, full-bodied chocolates. This is considered our house blend and we think it could be yours as well. :) BLEND APPROACH Our approach to creating blends is a bit different at Onyx. Instead of choosing coffees from specific countries or regions that will, in theory, intertwine well to develop complex & cohesive flavors like most, we start from the end and work our way back. This perspective means we choose to create a particular flavor profile first - deciding which acidities, sugars, and fats we want to accentuate for the coffee. Once a flavor profile has been set, in this case, a very approachable citrus zest, milk chocolate, and candied nuts for Southern Weather. We then start cupping blind through a lot of coffees to find these specific attributes.

Colombia Aponte Village: 

  • This unique offering has become foundational in our Colombia sourcing programs for the last five years. Farmed by the Inga Indigenous community these coffees are intensely sweet like honey accompanied by an underlying fruit pulp and floral nature. This year's offering has been extra laborious as we cupped through an extraordinary amount of small farms in the village finally purchasing 18 in total and homogenizing them at the origin. This is our best Aponte release to date and hats off to the producers and our cupping team for this offering. APONTE VILLAGE The old colloquialism is that it takes a village to raise a child… It also takes a village to produce the macro-lot of honey processed goodness that is our Aponte Village. Aponte Village resides at a mountainous 2100m in the lush region of Nariño. Each year we work closely with our friend Pedro at Pergamino coffee to cup through single producer lots in order to build a large Aponte lot that we feel fits the best cup profile of the region. This year we decided to dig into a deeper level and cup each single producer lot that was flagged for us, getting detailed sensory details on each component. This allowed us to build our full container Aponte lot bit by bit… adding a fruity and wild lot here, and a clean and juicy lot there. Altogether we cupped through thirty-eight single producers lots, eighteen of which were selected to comprise our Aponte offering for this season. Here’s a full breakdown of the names of each producer and families contribution to our large lot - Ximena Martinez, Mery Martinez, Edmondo Ceron, Leodan Gomez, Juan Pajimuy, Edmundo Ceron, Emilio Chasoy, Luis Evelio Martinez, Arbey Dominguez, Ormaira Guerrero, Campo Elias Guerrero, Luz Mila Dominguez, Edumndo Ceron, Edison Adarme, Idebando Gomez, Zonia Janamejoy, Diego Fernando Santa Cruz, and Hideon Munoz.

Tropical Weather: 

  • Tropical Weather is a seasonal blend that celebrates coffees from our favorite coffee-producing country: Ethiopia. We take a freshly washed offering that provides delicate florals and juicy texture and incorporate a natural processed coffee that promotes pungent fruits and natural sugars. The result is indeed better than the sum of its parts. If you miss the long days of summer then Tropical Weather is your cup of sunshine. With a floral aroma, notes of berries and plum, along with the tannins and sweetness of sweet tea, you'll be leaving the house wearing shorts all year long. snowbird noun snowbird 1.) A northerner who moves to a warmer southern state in the winter 2.) A widespread and variable junco with gray or brown upper parts and a white belly Southern Weather has a sibling. Do you know that person who shows up to family gatherings around the holidays wearing floral shirts buttoned only mid-way up their torso while sporting a deep-set sunglass tan? This blend is that person. Tropical Weather will transport you from a chilly Polar Vortex to a balmier destination for a lot less than that all-inclusive resort ticket you’ve been eying. A 50/50 blend of Ethiopian washed and naturally processed micro-lots, this coffee bursts with notes of stone fruit, and finishes with a tropical fruit note so pleasant you can almost hear the ocean's waves. BLEND APPROACH Tropical Weather arose out of our love for coffees from Ethiopia. Each season, our partners at origin work tirelessly to process both washed and natural coffees that are exquisite in their own differing cup profiles. We found that by taking a delicately floral and juicy washed coffee and blending it with a pungent and intense natural, we could have a cup that was greater than the sum of its parts. Our approach to creating blends is a bit different at Onyx. For Tropical Weather, we select a few washed and natural Ethiopian coffees that we feel fit the profile of the blend.

Visit our Onyx Coffee Collection here.

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